diary_appointmentYou may consult any doctor of your choice by appointment.  Routine appointments are available every day in the morning and afternoon.

Routine appointments are timed at 10 minute intervals. Whenever possible please try to respect this time allocation to prevent surgeries over-running. If it is likely you will need more than 10 minutes to discuss your problems please book a double appointment (ie. 20 minutes).

If you are more than 10 minutes late for a booked appointment you will be asked to re-book.

Emergency appointments are available every day in the morning and afternoon. If you need an urgent appointment you will be seen as soon as possible on that day. Please help the receptionist by telling whether or not your problem is urgent.

A variety of appointments are available:

  • Booked in Advance –  Patients  whose need is not urgent and who wish to be sure of seeing a particular doctor or to have their appointment at a particular time. These can be booked up to 3 weeks in advance.
  • Within 24 hours – For patients whose clinical need dictates that they need to be seen within a reasonable timescale.

Patients are seen by the appointment time except in cases of emergency. If you feel that you need to be seen urgently at any time please inform the receptionist.

Extended Hours

As part of the Government’s plans to improve healthcare we have additional appointments every Monday evening from 17.30 - 19:00.

These are mainly for patients who are unable to attend during the day for their appointment, perhaps due to work commitments.  Young children and the elderly who require to be brought to the surgery by working family members will also be welcome to these appointments.

Patients will only be seen during these hours by a pre-arranged appointment for routine medical conditions.  This is not an emergency service.

The service is limited where doctors will be restricted in their physical examination of patients and scope to arrange investigation because of the absence of practice nursing / treatment room services and lab service back-up which the Scottish Government has decided not to fund. Patients will therefore not be able to have blood tests, smear tests or an intimate examination requiring assistance from a chaperone, any chronic disease management review, dressings or ear syringing but will have to return for a day-time appointment if these services are required.

If you become unwell after 6pm please call NHS 24 as usual on 111

Telephone Advice

The practice runs a daily GP call back system from 08:30 each day. If you feel that your problem can be dealt with over the phone the doctor on call is available for telephone advice. If  they feel you need to be seen they will offer you an appointment.  It may not always be your regular GP whom you speak to. The receptionist will ask a few questions to ensure that the GP can prioritise the calls and the GP will call you back on a telephone number of your choice. Should you feel that your case is not appropriate for this system please advise the receptionist who will make alternative arrangements.

Practice Nurse

Routine appointments are available with our Practice Nurse.  She deals with the management of Chronic Diseases as well as screening for medical problems.

The Practice Nurse also has a limited number of emergency appointments and telephone consultations.

Missed Appointments

Every month hundreds of appointments are missed by patients.  These DNA’s (Did Not Attend) or missed appointments are preventing other patients from seeing the doctor of their choice.

If you DNA on 3 occasions or more we could decide to no longer treat you at this practice and we will be asking patients who persistently fail to turn up for their appointments to leave or be removed.

We are always grateful to the patients who, when they realise they cannot keep an appointment, phone or contact us to tell reception that they will not be coming.  This lets that appointment slot be used for another patient or an emergency.

If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.